Thursday, April 30, 2015

Check out retouched reblog on BookLikes

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It's good to redecorate your space around you from time to time. Following your requests and suggestions we've decided to retouch the reblog option to make it transparent and even more comfortable to use with a brand new comment section and reblog history spot. Have a look at the most recent changes and ... reblog :)


The new comment window makes it clear who is the author of the comment and from whom the text is reblogged. The new reblog format frizzes the original text and doesn't allow making any changes or edits to the original text.


The reblogged post can be published instantly and re-shared on your social media and other blogs (if synchronized). 




Your comment will be highlighted and placed above the reblogged text. The information from whom the text is reblogged in published just below, and it is linked to the blog where the post has been published previously. 




Regardless of the reblog sequence, whether you're reblogging the original post or a reblog of a reblogged post, each reader and blogger on BookLikes can check the reblog history by clicking show activity just below the post where the author of the original post and particular posts are included. 




Other important facts include changes on BookLikes book pages: the reblogged reviews will not be presented on the book pages in the community reviews section, consequently the rating from the reblogs won't be included to the overall book rating.


Important for customized blogs

New reblog look is visible for everyone on Dashboard, for you on your admin blog (click upper menu -> Blog), and on public pages which use BookLikes' blog themes. If you're using other themes from BookLikes Theme Store (free or paid) or if you customized  the HTML code of your BookLikes webpage, the retouched reblog look won't be visible on your public blog -- don't worry, though, the information about the reblog will be still visible on your blog but in old version. To update your HTML, please have a look at the documentation (Themes Docs in the footnote) and recent changes concerning templates (click).


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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Synchronize BookLikes With Your Kindle

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We're happy to share big news with you. March 2 - 8, 2014 is a "Read an E-book Week" so it's a perfect match. Form now on you can update your reading status straight from your Kindle. Update your Shelf and ebook reading progress from any place you read and keep your BookLikes followers up to date. 


To make sync happen just connect your Twitter account on your Kindle and BookLikes and switch ON synchronization in BookLikes Settings. Then when you share your Kindle reading status on Twitter, it will be also updated on your BookLikes account. 


To share your reading progress press Share on your Kindle and enter how many % have you read, e.g. 10%. If you publish only percent of read book, the reading progress will be updated on your BookLikes Shelf. 


If you add a comment after % in your share from Kindle to Twitter, the "Reading progress update" will be published on your blog with your note.


Reading progress


Reading progress



Don't forget to rate read ebooks. After finishing Kindle ebook, rate it and share on your Twitter. The book will receive new status (Read) and ratings on your BookLikes Shelf. 


Rating on kindle


Reading on Kindle



Remember that Reading progress sync works for Kindle ebooks only. 



If you would like to share our news, have a look at our Press Page where you'll find BookLikes Press Releases and logo. 


Happy e-reading!

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