Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Low Pressure

by Sandra Brown

Bellamy Lyston was only 12 years old when her older sister Susan was killed on a stormy Memorial Day. Bellamy’s fear of storms is a legacy of the tornado that destroyed the crime scene along with her memory of what really happened during the day’s most devastating moments.

Now, 18 years later, Bellamy has written a sensational, bestselling novel based on Susan’s murder. Because the book was inspired by the tragic event that still pains her family, she published it under a pseudonym to protect them from unwanted publicity. But when an opportunistic reporter for a tabloid newspaper discovers that the book is based on fact, Bellamy’s identity is exposed along with the family scandal.

Moreover, Bellamy becomes the target of an unnamed assailant who either wants the truth about Susan’s murder to remain unknown or, even more threatening, is determined to get vengeance for a man wrongfully accused and punished.

In order to identify her stalker, Bellamy must confront the ghosts of her past, including Dent Carter, Susan’s wayward and reckless boyfriend — and an original suspect in the murder case. Dent, with this and other stains on his past, is intent on clearing his name, and he needs Bellamy’s sealed memory to do it. But her safeguarded recollections -once unlocked-pose dangers that neither could foresee and puts both their lives in peril.

As Bellamy delves deeper into the mystery surrounding Susan’s slaying, she discovers disturbing elements of the crime which call into question the people she holds most dear. Haunted by partial memories, conflicted over her feelings for Dent, but determined to learn the truth, she won’t stop until she reveals Susan’s killer.

That is, unless Susan’s killer strikes her first…

My thoughts…

I would give this  three stars. I did enjoy reading Low Pressure and found it to be somewhat entertaining.  It’s just doesn’t measure up to some of past books I’ve read by Sandra Brown. Some other books I’ve really liked from Sandra are:  The Witness, Chill Factor, Hello Darkness, Smoke Screen, Ricochet, White Hot, and Play Dirty.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Lincoln Conspiracy

by Timothy L. O'Brien
From award-winning journalist Timothy L. O’Brien comes a gripping historical thriller that poses a provocative question: What if the plot to assassinate President Lincoln was wider and more sinister than we ever imagined?
In late spring of 1865, as America mourns the death of its leader, Washington, D.C., police detective Temple McFadden makes a startling discovery. Strapped to the body of a dead man at the B & O Railroad station are two diaries, two documents that together reveal the true depth of the Lincoln conspiracy. Securing the diaries will put Temple’s life in jeopardy—and will endanger the fragile peace of a nation still torn by war.
Temple’s quest to bring the conspirators to justice takes him on a perilous journey through the gas-lit streets of the Civil War–era capital, into bawdy houses and back alleys where ruthless enemies await him in every shadowed corner. Aided by an underground network of friends—and by his wife, Fiona, a nurse who possesses a formidable arsenal of medicinal potions—Temple must stay one step ahead of Lafayette Baker, head of the Union Army’s spy service. Along the way, he’ll run from or rely on Edwin Stanton, Lincoln’s fearsome secretary of war; the legendary Scottish spymaster Allan Pinkerton; abolitionist Sojourner Truth; the photographer Alexander Gardner; and many others.
Bristling with twists and building to a climax that will leave readers gasping, The Lincoln Conspiracy offers a riveting new account of what truly motivated the assassination of one of America’s most beloved presidents—and who participated in the plot to derail the train of liberty that Lincoln set in motion.
My take:
I wanted to like this book and did read it to the very end with some reservations along the way. I found that the characters were very hard to differentiate between, especially in the beginning. As the book progressed the characters were whittled down to the few manageable complex characters, this made it much easier to follow. Toward the end it finally felt like a mystery was forming and I looked forward to reaching the end of the book, but that turned out to be disappointing for me, maybe I expected too much. This would have been a great book if only the author had spent more time developing this mystery through history a little bit better based on the information gleaned from the two diaries Temple came to possess.
The Lincoln Conspiracy: A Novel

Friday, November 2, 2012

Free Kindle Book: The Wicked Wager

The Wicked Wager ( A Regency Murder Mystery & Romance ) by Anya Wylde

Is free until November 5, 2012, it is rated 4.5 stars based on 20 customer reviews.
The infamous rake, Lord Richard Hamilton, has finally chosen his bride—the very appropriate Miss Emma Grey.
The ton approves, Lord Grey is pleased, Lady Grey delighted, and Emma is over the moon, but her uncle, (the blasted) Duke of Arden opposes the match, and Emma is ordered to move to the duke’s estate to think things over.
Richard Hamilton refuses to take things lying down and concocts a plan. A plan that should have brought the lovers together and had them married within a month. It was a simple matter of masquerading as the duke’s gardener, compromising the lady, and then having the duke rush them off to Gretna Green.
Alas, he underestimates the duke’s intelligence and the tangled situation on the estate—never had he imagined that compromising a lady could be so difficult. His endeavors lead to a comedy of errors, charades, and knotty love affairs. Yet he forges ahead in spite of pesky house guests, a flea bitten mattress, his lovesick best friend, and a blackmailer.
Just when things seem to be going well, someone is murdered (very inconvenient), and he happens to be one of the suspects (extremely inconvenient).
His simple plan for winning the wager suddenly becomes … a tad complicated.
Hurry for your free copy. Click on any underlined link to download your copy before no later than November 5, 2012.
The Wicked Wager ( A Regency Murder Mystery & Romance )

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Room 1515

"You can't just pout and decide you don't want to play anymore" quote from Point of no Return [the movie]

by Bill Wetterman


Book Description:  International Thriller.  A female agent named Peacock is sent on a mission to woo and win the heart of the world’s most powerful powerbroker.  Her job is to learn his secrets and foil his plans. Instead, she falls in love.  A story of the balance of world financial power, betrayal, and romance.  Pour two ounces of the most powerful financier in the world.  Mix in two ounces of America's most treacherous female spy.  Stir in betrayal and love. Room 1515!

My take:

Power, greed, violence, international intrigue all fit into Room 1515.  I found Room 1515 to be a very well written CIA, financial takeover, espionage type novel.  In some ways it reminds me of the movie "Point of no Return" staring Bridget Fonda back in the 90's, as well as La Femme Nakita.

Peacock takes her job very seriously.  She moves up the ranks in the CIA to become the "top notch" female spy.  Start reading this one early or you'll find yourself up at the wee hours until you've reached that very last page.

I received this book free from the author and was asked to give my honest opinion.  I did enjoy reading Room 1515 and would read other books by Bill Wetterman.

Edge of Black

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides...
Dr. Samantha Owens is starting over: new city, new job, new man, new life. She's trying to put some distance between herself and the devastating loss of her husband and children-but old hurts leave scars.

Before she's even unpacked her office at Georgetown University's forensic pathology department, she's called to consult on a case that's rocked the capital and the country. An unknown pathogen released into the Washington Metro has caused nationwide panic. Three people died-just three.
A miracle and a puzzle...
Amid the media frenzy and Homeland Security alarm bells, Sam painstakingly dissects the lives of those three victims and makes an unsettling conclusion. This is no textbook terrorist causing mayhem with broad strokes, but an artist wielding a much finer, more pointed instrument of destruction. An assassin, whose motive is deeply personal and far from understandable.
Xander Whitfield, a former Army Ranger and Sam's new boyfriend, knows about seeing the world in shades of gray. About feeling compelled to do the wrong thing for the right reasons. Only his disturbing kinship with a killer can lead Sam to the truth...and once more into the line of fire.
What I thought...
The description says it all...
This is my second book by J. T. Ellison and I must say she doesn't disappoint!  I found this book very easy to read and get wrapped up in, I didn't want to put it down.  The characters are well developed and realistic.  The plot and twists are perfectly timed to keep you turning the pages, all 368 of them.  I would definitely read more works by this author and highly recommend Edge of Black. You won't want to miss this one...
Edge of Black (A Samantha Owens Novel)
Kindle Paperwhite, 6" High Resolution Display with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers
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